Sport:80 and Cherry Hub partner to boost NGB customer acquisition capabilities

December 2022

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Cherry Hub, which will bring innovative gamification and digital membership solutions to the sports organisations that we work with.

Cherry Hub, a fellow co-founder of the Sports Technology Alliance, are a digital platform driving higher customer acquisition and engagement by integrating their digital marketing tech via multiple online and physical channels with the end customers mobile phone wallet.

Our partnership focuses primarily on the gamification and digital membership card functionalities that Cherry Hub provide, solutions which we believe Sport:80 partners can use as vital tools to improve their acquisition and retention of members.

Jonny Turner, COO at Sport:80, said: “We understand that sports organisations are always looking for new, innovative solutions to acquire customers and keep them engaged.

"Our partnership with Cherry Hub was formed to support them to do this more effectively. We have already seen how powerful the gamification and digital marketing elements of their product suite can be and we are very excited to see them put into practice with NGBs.

”Their gamification solution, known as ‘CherryPlay’, provides a unique method for organisations to stand out in the crowd. It is an interactive game solution that can be deployed via any online channel and played anywhere anytime on desktop, tablet or mobile device. Games are individually branded to each organisation, to create touch-points with potential new customers and maintain contact and engagement with members.

The games are a fun way to capture your audience's attention and retain it, promoting brand awareness and sponsor engagement, increasing participation, and improving reach.

CherryPass’ is a digital membership card solution. Hosted in a mobile wallet, the membership card provides an innovative way to incentivise online interactions while saving on costs and is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional forms of membership identification.

Through 'CherryPass’, organisations can enhance their marketing capabilities, levelling-up their communications with an easy-to-use digital experience, convenient for both existing members and potential customers.

These technologies can be used by NGBs as part of activation campaigns, at local sporting events, or to promote nearby clubs and activities. Through the integration we have developed, any potential new customers' key details are aggregated within the Sport:80 Platform for NGBs to remain engaged throughout a customer’s journey.

From there, you can more efficiently drive the growth of your sport through targeted communications, offers, and marketing campaigns.

“We are excited to be joining forces with Sport:80 who are leading the way globally with their sports business management technology," said Craig Kinross, Executive Director of Cherry Hub.

"We see the partnership as a game changer across UK, US, and APAC markets to drive higher membership levels for sport organisations and increased ongoing engagement throughout a year for both the membership and strategic sponsor partners.”

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