March 2023

Cherry Hub, a platform that connects venues with innovative digital membership, loyalty, and gamification solutions, has announced a collaboration with creative powerhouse, Daily Press.

Foundered by industry advocates Frank and Amanda Makryllos and software expert Craig Kinross, Cherry Hub provide a wealth of expertise in the hospitality and gaming sector. Their strengths lie in unlocking data and seamless third-party integrations for venues and suppliers to not only better engage with their customers, but to drive business and revenue.

The Cherry Hub marketplace offers a range of scalable, fully integrated digital solutions for digital membership (CherryPass), digital debit card (CherryPay), gamification (CherryPlay), communications (CherryChat) and compliance (Cherry Check).

Daily Press, founded by Wayne Knight, is a leading, full-service creative and digital agency that has a team of over 90 design and production specialists. Their skills in creative design, animation, app development and digital communications, especially for the Australian hospitality sector, provide a perfect partnership for Cherry Hub.

“We’re really excited about this partnership and the experience and industry expertise both companies bring to the table. We also recognised the benefits of being stronger together, rather than trying to compete,” said Cherry Hub’s Amanda Makryllos.  “By each of us playing to our strengths, we believe we provide a range of digital solutions that are second to none. We are kind of the 'steak' to the Daily Press 'sizzle',” she added.

The Cherry Hub product range can be seamlessly integrated with all leading gaming systems, as well as other existing venue technologies. While Daily Press has developed third-party app integration through point of sale, ticketing system, sign-in and membership technology etc.  Cherry Hub also has powerful SMS and email communications capabilities and is fully compatible with existing Daily Press venue apps.

Test drive the Cherry Hub x Daily Press collaboration for yourself at AHGE in Brisbane, 22-23 March. They will be at the Daily Press Stand 169 – 171.

Or get in the game early and play Star Show Jump. Just scan the QR code or click on the link below, play the game and see if you are a winner!

For more information contact:

Cherry Hub:  1300 944 140  |

Daily Press:  02 9007 7500  |